What would happen if we had a conversation in art form, through snail mail, over the course of one year?

In an act to get us making more art and collaborating with each other, we’re having a ‘creative’ conversation across the globe. Every 2 weeks we are snail-mailing a creation we’ve made to each other, for the course of 1 year. Each piece will travel the 7030km between our two residing cities: London, UK and Calgary, Canada.

The catch? We’ll each start our piece and send it unfinished, so the other can interpret what we created, and finish it. This means each piece may start with one style and end up completely different.

The rules? Simple:

1. We start with a word, and create something (unfinished) inspired by said word
2. We send the unfinished piece to the other through the mail
3. We receive each other’s unfinished piece and complete it with our own interpretation of what the other created
4. We think of a new word inspired by the finished piece, and create a new (unfinished) piece
5. Repeat steps 2 – 5


  • We will not know what each others’ creation is until we receive it in the mail
  • We aren’t allowed to read the others’ blog post until we’ve completed our interpretation and creation (that way, we won’t be influenced by what the other was intending when making the piece)
  • We will send hints and document our process through social media


To kickstart the project, we began by sending each other a starting word over instagram. These two words start the base of 2 unique stories, which will grow over the course of one year.
Where will they go? Where will they take us? We’re documenting the process, word by word. Follow along each word’s journey, and watch as our global game of Chinese Whispers unfolds.

Photo collage of Daria and Elise growing up

So who are they, anyway?

Daria and Elise met in elementary school while growing up on the West Coast of Canada. From riding horses, making art after school, passing notes in math class, canoeing in surprise backyard puddles floods formed after torrential rainfall, to racing each other setting dining tables on restaurant shifts, and eventually leaving the West Coast to tackle university in Calgary, Alberta—Elise and Daria have a friendship bond sure to last a lifetime.

Elise completed her fine arts degree from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary in 2011. She still resides in Calgary where she continues to create and teach art, and drink wine with delicious food. In her spare time she sews, take photographs and goes on pinterest.

Daria fled the Calgary scene after one year, to return to the West coast to pursue her passions: design, music and film. After a 7 year stint in Vancouver, she migrated to London, UK, to continue developing her career to new heights. By day, she works in UX design with one of London’s stellar UX consultancies, and by night she rocks the music and art scene.

bio photograph of Daria Lanz

Daria Lanz is a designer, musician and filmmaker based in London, UK. She loves Franks Red Hot Sauce and avocados. Not necessarily in the same dish.


Picture of Elise

C. Elise Mullen is an artist, cook, and photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. She can’t live without her orange pekoe tea with cashew milk and honey first thing in the morning.


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