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Blue-1: RAIN

The blue story Chapter 1: part 1: RAIN by Daria Lanz Rain. I’m not sure Elise realises how pertinent this word is for me. The word is loaded with IRONY. I left Vancouver 2 years ago. One of the things that drove me nuts about the place was how much it…

29th June 2016


Yellow-2: TEA2

The yellow story Chapter 1: part 2: TEA2 by Daria Lanz Tea. Classic British culture loving a good cuppa. I was never a huge tea drinker, having been raised in the hipster West Coast where strong coffee from independent shops is the primary fuel that pumps through everyone’s veins. Coffee…

26th July 2016


Yellow-3: ORNATE

The yellow story Chapter 2: part 1: ORNATE by Daria Lanz Ornate: ADJECTIVE 1 Elaborately or highly decorated: ‘an ornate wrought-iron railing’ Ornate— Like Art Nouveau Like stained glass windows Like European architecture Like China tea cups (get it?) Like henna tattoos Like lace. This whole project is a global…

23rd August 2016



The blue story Chapter 2: part 2: REFLECTION by Daria Lanz This is our first real experience of Chinese Whispers in this project. It was the first time I received art from Elise and had no idea what word she used. I had to guess. And then I had to…

4th September 2016


Blue-5: ECHO

The blue story Chapter 3: part 1: ECHO by Daria Lanz So far our blue story reads as follows: Rain – Puddles – Reflection – Where to next? As I stood looking into the mirror, pondering what my next word would be, I realised that an echo is an audio…

23rd September 2016


Yellow-6: PATTERNS

The yellow story Chapter 3: part 2: PATTERNS by Daria Lanz Patterns. I was having a shit few days. Like, really shit. And I was feeling pretty blue about the shit. There’s always shit. In everyones lives. Sometimes the shit is more, sometimes it’s less. Sometimes it comes from outside…

7th November 2016



The yellow story Chapter 4: part 1: CHOREOGRAPHY by Daria Lanz I was taking a much-needed getaway up to Scotland for a couple days. I’d never been before, which is sad considering I’ve been in London over 2 years now, and my family history is rooted up there. Regardless, I was…

15th November 2016


Blue-8: NATURE

The blue story Chapter 4: part 2: NATURE by Daria Lanz I stumbled in my front door, fresh off the plane after a 2 week hiatus in Japan. I was exhausted—jet-lagged from the 8 hour difference, my body didn’t know what it was supposed to feel anymore. I clumsily pulled…

29th December 2016



The blue story Chapter 5: part 1: FIBONACCI by Daria Lanz Back in high school, Elise and I shared many math classes together. We were pretty good at it, and we actually enjoyed the subject quite a bit. We weren’t shy about this fact either. Anyone who knew us, knew…

2nd January 2017


Yellow-10: HARMONY

The yellow story Chapter 5: part 2: HARMONY by Daria Lanz Harmony |ˈhärmənē| noun (pl. harmonies) 1 the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect: four-part harmony in the barbershop style | the note played on the fourth beat anticipates the…

2nd January 2017


Yellow-11: TENSION

The yellow story Chapter 6: part 1: TENSION by Daria Lanz “Tension” It was grey, wet, cold, miserable, oppressive. The morning commute on the trains in London was the usual: over-cramped, delayed, slow, uncomfortable. Squished in there like sardines, I had my face pressed up against a larger man’s sweaty pits….

27th February 2017


Blue-12: EARTH

The blue story Chapter 6: part 2: EARTH by Daria Lanz Earth. Our little planet, suspended in the vast galaxy like a blue spec, is a fragile and miraculous thing. Elise sent me a blue ball in the mail. Attached was a note from her reading, “I thought it was…

9th March 2017



The blue story Chapter 7: part 1: LANDSCAPE by Daria Lanz London has an amazing skyline. It’s a complete mash-up between the very old, and the new. Earth had me thinking about, well, Earth. And, of course, my place on Earth. I wanted to explore a more positive concept for this…

5th June 2017


Yellow-14: TRANSPOSE

The yellow story Chapter 7: part 2: TRANSPOSE by Daria Lanz Transpose: VERB 1 Cause (two or more things) to change places with each other: the captions describing the two state flowers were accidentally transposed. 2 Transfer to a different place or context: the problems of civilization are transposed into a…

8th June 2017



The yellow story Chapter 8: part 1: EVOLUTION by Daria Lanz Evolution: Transpose was making me think about the movement of an object from one state to the next. I chose Evolution as the natural progression in this story, because I feel like it embodies this transformation from one thing into…

16th July 2017