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The blue story Chapter 2: part 1: PUDDLES by Elise Mullen Keeping in theme with the Chinese whispers, we don’t want to stray too far from our previous word, or at least make sure there’s a link between the words. My inspiration from the RAIN pieces is PUDDLES. I choose…

17th August 2016



The blue story Chapter 2: part 2: REFLECTION by Daria Lanz This is our first real experience of Chinese Whispers in this project. It was the first time I received art from Elise and had no idea what word she used. I had to guess. And then I had to…

4th September 2016


Blue-5: ECHO

The blue story Chapter 3: part 1: ECHO by Daria Lanz So far our blue story reads as follows: Rain – Puddles – Reflection – Where to next? As I stood looking into the mirror, pondering what my next word would be, I realised that an echo is an audio…

23rd September 2016



The blue story Chapter 7: part 1: LANDSCAPE by Daria Lanz London has an amazing skyline. It’s a complete mash-up between the very old, and the new. Earth had me thinking about, well, Earth. And, of course, my place on Earth. I wanted to explore a more positive concept for this…

5th June 2017



The yellow story Chapter 7: part 1: RECONSTRUCT by Elise Mullen “Reconstruct”   After RESHAPE, I was looking for an excuse to use my new SketchBox! SketchBox is a monthly online art supply subscription where you get different materials and a different artist inspiration with each box. My friend and artist Jill…

19th May 2017


Blue-14: HOME

The blue story Chapter 7: part 2: HOME by Elise Mullen My guess for Daria’s Blue 13 is HOME. Daria drew some famous London site with white line work and watercolour negative space. I would love to know how she made this! Daria’s Blue 13 is beautiful and detailed. I assume she drew this…

3rd February 2017


Yellow-14: TRANSPOSE

The yellow story Chapter 7: part 2: TRANSPOSE by Daria Lanz Transpose: VERB 1 Cause (two or more things) to change places with each other: the captions describing the two state flowers were accidentally transposed. 2 Transfer to a different place or context: the problems of civilization are transposed into a…

8th June 2017