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Yellow-1: TEA

The yellow story Chapter 1: part 1: TEA by Elise Mullen Tea and art are very connected for me, as I often enjoy drinking tea while creating art. I am a tea person, I drink somewhere on average 4 cups a day. I have a collection of many different kinds…

3rd July 2016


Yellow-2: TEA2

The yellow story Chapter 1: part 2: TEA2 by Daria Lanz Tea. Classic British culture loving a good cuppa. I was never a huge tea drinker, having been raised in the hipster West Coast where strong coffee from independent shops is the primary fuel that pumps through everyone’s veins. Coffee…

26th July 2016


Yellow-12: RESHAPE

The yellow story Chapter 6: part 2: RESHAPE by Elise Mullen I got a piece of paper with “We were never meant to live in boxes” writing in oil pastel for YELLOW 11. My thought process on this was to think outside the box… haha (super original). I found a picture…

1st March 2017