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Yellow-2: TEA2

The yellow story Chapter 1: part 2: TEA2 by Daria Lanz Tea. Classic British culture loving a good cuppa. I was never a huge tea drinker, having been raised in the hipster West Coast where strong coffee from independent shops is the primary fuel that pumps through everyone’s veins. Coffee…

26th July 2016


Yellow-6: PATTERNS

The yellow story Chapter 3: part 2: PATTERNS by Daria Lanz Patterns. I was having a shit few days. Like, really shit. And I was feeling pretty blue about the shit. There’s always shit. In everyones lives. Sometimes the shit is more, sometimes it’s less. Sometimes it comes from outside…

7th November 2016


Yellow-11: TENSION

The yellow story Chapter 6: part 1: TENSION by Daria Lanz “Tension” It was grey, wet, cold, miserable, oppressive. The morning commute on the trains in London was the usual: over-cramped, delayed, slow, uncomfortable. Squished in there like sardines, I had my face pressed up against a larger man’s sweaty pits….

27th February 2017