Blue-11: PI

The blue story

Chapter 6: part 1: PI
by Elise Mullen

My word for this one is PI.

I can’t talk about us being math geeks with FIBONACCI and not do my favourite number PI.

3.14159265358979… At one point I use to know about 20 digits by heart.

The picture below is an artwork I did in school with a PI theme. But this piece too FOREVER and was a solo project. So I wanted to do something a bit different for this PI project.


I Googled PI and how to calculate PI to find some ideas about what to send Daria for this project. I found the wikiHow page on hot to calculate PI and it involve a lid, string and a ruler. I thought about sending her those things but then I found something a bit more fun.

What I sent Daria for PI is a blue ball I got from the dollar store. I didn’t want the ball to have an image or bar code on it, so the one I choose was solid blue, but did have a rubber layer over top of it.  Fortunately I was able to remove it. The fun thing about this ball (that I wasn’t really looking for) is that it GLOWS when you bounce it (FUN!). I know this toy was meant for a kid, but I still thought it was pretty fun to play with.

What I would do with this ball is ink it on it and bounce it against a piece of paper to mark up the paper. I would also film the process to watch the ball glow while it happened. I would be very surprised if Daria actually did this. She always seems to come up with something completely different, which is what makes this project so interesting. I do think she will guess my word though… but we will see !?!


blue 11 from Elise Mullen on Vimeo.

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