The blue story

Chapter 2: part 2: REFLECTION
by Daria Lanz

This is our first real experience of Chinese Whispers in this project. It was the first time I received art from Elise and had no idea what word she used. I had to guess. And then I had to finish the piece how I saw fit, based on the word I guessed.

A few evenings ago I came home to a new package waiting at my door – always an exciting adventure. I opened Elise’s mail to find a beautiful black and white photograph in a black picture frame. Cute! It had beautiful leading lines, and a classic car parked on the side of the road—often something you’ll see in Elise’s work. It looks sort of South American.


Elise had included a little note: ‘take it out of the frame’.

When I did I realized it wasn’t an ordinary photograph. It was mildly see-through, and she obviously used some unique technique to develop it. In fact, I’m not entirely sure what it is to be honest. Head over to her blog to read up on how she made it.

So, now came the time for me to guess what word she used. Remember, her word would have been inspired by my original ‘Rain’ piece. The puddle on the road in the image commands your full attention, and the symmetry in the reflection is so beautiful. A number of words ran through my head: puddle, water, symmetry, street curb, commute…

But I settled on reflection.

So the next obvious thing to do to complete the piece was to mount it on mirror. My favourite thing about it mounted on mirror is that you can still see part of your reflection through the photograph.

Head over to Elise’s blog to see if I guessed her word correctly. (That’s what I’m doing now!)


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