Blue-5: ECHO

The blue story

Chapter 3: part 1: ECHO
by Daria Lanz

So far our blue story reads as follows: RainPuddlesReflection

Where to next?

As I stood looking into the mirror, pondering what my next word would be, I realised that an echo is an audio reflection; A reflection is a visual echo. Light is carried over a distance until it bounces off an object and reflects back at you. Sound is carried over a distance until it bounces off an object and echoes back to you.

And so the story shall go: Rain – Puddles – Reflection – Echo.

One sunny weekend afternoon I wandered down to Greenwich—just a skip and a hop from my flat. I ventured to the underground tunnel that runs under the river Thames. I was in search of a good location for an echo, and I’d found it. I spent a good few hours recording passers by, children singing, cyclists walking through, tourists, and my own footsteps echoing through the tunnel. It was a busy day so there was no shortage of sounds available.

I also wrote a poem earlier that morning, while in the shower. (‘Cause we all know the best things often come in the shower.) I recorded this as well (not in the shower) and included it in the soundbite to send to Elise.

The poem reads:

I am here
I am with you
Do not fear

You cannot see me
And sometimes
You cannot hear me
I am here

As the blazing sun
Burns in your wake
And the glowing moon
Around the Earth, rotates
I am here

With you
For you
I am always here

I’ll leave that with you to decide your own meaning…


I love this project because it takes me to new territory. The concept of sending Elise a soundbite of echoes is unique and challenging. Not to mention it needed to be incomplete and something Elise could build upon.

I bought a little mp3 player to host the audio file, and then cut out a sill for it to sit on in some foam core. This could allow for something visual to be added to the mp3’s frame. Or maybe Elise will add to the mp3 sounds…?

WHO KNOWS! That’s what’s so awesome about this project.

The video above is footage I took while recording the echoes in the tunnel. Elise did not receive the video, only the audio file.


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