The blue story

Chapter 4: part 1: DEPRIVATION
by Elise Mullen

How it was made:

blue 7 from Elise Mullen on Vimeo.
Blue 7 –

Imagination (my word for Blue 6) also called the faculty of imagining, is the creative ability to form images, ideas, and sensations in the mind without direct input from the senses, such as seeing or hearing.

When I found this definition I knew exactly what my next word was going to be….

My word for BLUE 7 is DEPRIVATION. For this project I had earplugs, gloves, blindfold, and….. had consumed some wine….. I had no idea what materials I was going to be handed or how long I would have to complete the piece. The only directions I gave my helpers (coco/mark) was that I do need to mail this to London so keep size in mind.


Coco is my sister/roommate. We opened some wine and decided that this experiment was a hilarious way to spend the night. Coco spent about 30 minutes in my art room getting my surprise supplies ready. She even tested the camera on a stand to make sure it would film the right area. Which lead to wine going up my nose when I saw this video below…

MVI 7642 from Elise Mullen on Vimeo.

I could normally guess what object Coco was giving me but it didn’t help me one bit… The end piece is interesting…. hahahaha. When I imagined how this would go I pictured it very differently. Maybe a large piece of paper I could fold with a bunch of different pens or paint? It was a fun experiment or deprivation that I would highly suggest for a laugh.

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