Blue-1: RAIN

The blue story

Chapter 1: part 1: RAIN
by Daria Lanz

Rain. I’m not sure Elise realises how pertinent this word is for me. The word is loaded with IRONY.

I left Vancouver 2 years ago. One of the things that drove me nuts about the place was how much it rained.

So I moved to London. Obviously.


It rained in London leading up to my last holiday abroad. It rained in London when I was back from my holiday abroad.

It was sunny, dry, and hit high temperatures in London while I was abroad.


My holiday destination was sunny leading up to my arrival. My holiday destination was sunny and hot after I departed.

My holiday destination down-poured on me my first 5 days.

(eff-you, irony)

It’s been raining, hailing, thundering and lightning here for weeks. So I thought, what a perfect opportunity to incorporate real RAIN into my process, using rain drops and paint to make something.

As soon as I went to work on this project, the sun shone and we’ve had not a drop of rain since.


Ok. You get it. So mother nature loves to have a laugh, and it seems rain will follow me everywhere. You’d think, by this point, I’d at least have an entirely waterproof wardrobe to survive in the rain. But do I? (the answer is no).


My favourite shoes, which I usually end up wearing with most outfits, has one of those annoying leaks in the sole, so when it rains it soaks up water from the bottom, leaving my socks and feet drenched within minutes. But they’re my favourite shoes so I still wear them a lot. And my feet get wet, a lot. And it makes me grumpy.


So, when I sat down to make this piece, it was obvious my shoes needed to play a big role. I was keen to create something from a birds-eye perspective, of rain top-down rather than rain dripping top to bottom of the page.

I had fun painting the soles of my feet (with old red hair dye) and marking my footprints on my canvas. The bathtub looked like a murder scene when I was finished, but I managed to clean it up (mostly). (If you’re my landlady reading this, there was absolutely no mess at all and the bathroom looks SQUEAKY CLEAN). I inked the outline of my shoes around my footprints, and used watercolours and water to ‘rain’ down over everything. This process allowed the water to play an integral role in the outcome.

I’m thrilled with how it turned out! The black ink and watercolour paints bled together just as I’d hoped.

I wonder how Elise will interpret it when she receives it in the mail. I’ve left enough open space for her to add her own creative voice. I know it will be brilliant.

process photos of Daria making her illustration

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