Blue-2: RAIN2

The blue story

Chapter 1: part 2: RAIN2
by Elise Mullen

Why did I give the word RAIN to Daria?

Honestly, It was raining a lot that day in Calgary… I didn’t want to over think it. Keep it simple and see what happens…

So in the previous Blue story post you got Daria’s point of view about Rain. I Have no idea what Daria wrote, or what Rain means to her… (yet, I will read it when I have finished the Rain piece).

So now it’s my turn to add to Daria’s Rain piece. My goal for my addition to the piece is to add something that will stand apart from Daria’s work but at the time complement it. It is a pretty well balanced piece already, so I don’t want to add too much. The shoes are already the focal point so I decided to start working on the background. I choose to paint a silver background because of the reflective qualities of rain and that it would stand out from the watercolour. I only tried to paint the white paper silver and go around the watercolour that Daria did. After I was done with the silver, I wanted the shoes to pop a bit more so I added white to the laces and a couple highlights and silver to the eyelets. And now DONE!

The Rain and the Tea art pieces are unique, because they are the first project. They follow different rules then the rest of our pieces will from this point on. How the Rain and Tea pieces differ is that Daria and I both blogged with the same word in mind. For the rest of 7030 in between we will receive the artwork, but we will have to GUESS the word of inspiration.

rain layout

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