Yellow-12: RESHAPE

The yellow story

Chapter 6: part 2: RESHAPE
by Elise Mullen

I got a piece of paper with “We were never meant to live in boxes” writing in oil pastel for YELLOW 11.

My thought process on this was to think outside the box… haha (super original). I found a picture of Daria and I and wanted to reconstruct it so that it became an abstract piece of art. I opened the picture in photoshop made it black and white, put it through a couple filters and cropped it so it no longer looked like a photograph of us.

The original photograph is from when Daria and I lived together in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I am excited for her to see how I got to my abstract piece of art… SURPRISE!! haha….

Although I had figured out what I wanted to do with YELLOW 11 I had no idea what word I was going to use. I went through a couple different ideas…. Magic, Surprise, Transformation… then I put transformation in thesaurus and found RESHAPE. Which fit perfectly because of the mention of BOX in yellow 11, and how I photoshopped the photograph to unrecognizable shapes.


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