The yellow story

Chapter 7: part 1: RECONSTRUCT
by Elise Mullen



After RESHAPE, I was looking for an excuse to use my new SketchBox! SketchBox is a monthly online art supply subscription where you get different materials and a different artist inspiration with each box. My friend and artist Jill Tuttle had bought me a month subscription for my birthday. Jill was also featured as the sketch book artist for May 2017!

So I opened my Sketchbox and found 2 PanPastels, soft tools applicator handle, replacement heads, eraser and Fineliner pen. I loved playing around with Sketchbox materials starting with the pastels and then soft tools on white paper. Next I erased some of the pastels and added some pen.

Now for RECONSTRUCTION. I cut up the piece of paper into squares so the order could be changed, to make it a little more interesting. I also sent Daria some blank black squares that are the same size; along with the tools that were in the Sketchbox, but I didn’t add anything to let her know where they were from, or why I sent them.


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