Yellow-14: TRANSPOSE

The yellow story

Chapter 7: part 2: TRANSPOSE
by Daria Lanz


1 Cause (two or more things) to change places with each other:
the captions describing the two state flowers were accidentally transposed

2 Transfer to a different place or context:
the problems of civilization are transposed into a rustic setting
• write or play (music) in a different key from the original:
the basses are
transposed down an octave.
Mathematics transfer (a term), with its sign changed, to the other side of an equation.

NOUN (Mathematics)
A matrix obtained from a given matrix by interchanging each row and the corresponding column.

Elise had sent me some cut up paper and a few tools – in particular, 2 shades of soft pastel, the blending sponge applicator, and a black pen. I could tell they were the tools she’d used on her artwork, which she’d cut up and sent to me in little squares along with a cut up black sheet of card stalk. 

(Notice the shades of pastel she sent? Well done, Elise—she used blue and yellow, the colours of our 2 stories for 7030)

I was mulling ‘reshape’ over in my brain, trying to pick apart where Elise had taken the word to next, and how that had inspired these square pieces she’d sent me. In the end, transpose felt right because the original artwork was getting transferred to a different context.

The word ‘transpose’ ended up giving me so much to work with, too. Firstly, the fact that the art was in the form of square paper meant I could create a matrix in the layout (the final bullet in the definition of transpose). Equally, I needed to add the other half of this piece which I intended to create using the tools Elise had sent me, and then cut up in squares like hers.

Transpose also translates well into the musical world, and I wanted this influence in this piece as well. Transposition lives in music by changing the key a song is played in—perhaps to accommodate singing in a more comfortable range for someone’s voice (just imagine the last time a group of people sang happy birthday to someone, always starting on a different note and never sounding too fantastic!). Equally, music moves us: it elevates us beyond ourselves to higher states. It unites us a cross borders and boundaries. It has the power to move us across the world or uplift our lives and instigate huge change. Music is so powerful.

I sat down and painted a visual representation of a song. One song. A beautiful song I’d recently discovered. I listened to it on repeat and translated aspects of the song – the beat, the guitar strum rhythm, the percussion rhythm, into shapes – and added these elements in with the pen and pastels Elise had sent. When this masterpiece was done (and it looked so beautiful as a full piece!), I cut it up into little squares.

As I was laying out the squares in their matrix, a thought struck me: bird migration is yet another situation where ‘something’ (the birds) is transferred (transposed) to a different place or context. And so the matrix took shape in the bird migration format.

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