The yellow story

Chapter 8: part 1: EVOLUTION
by Daria Lanz


Transpose was making me think about the movement of an object from one state to the next. I chose Evolution as the natural progression in this story, because I feel like it embodies this transformation from one thing into another really well, linking back to Transpose. I spent a great deal of time brainstorming over the different elements of evolution—growth, expansion, reaction to environment, survival, elevation to a higher state…

But, rather than focus on humans, and the evolution of our species, or the growth of our mind, body, and soul from birth to death, I decided to focus instead on the evolution of specific objects. The idea first struck when someone mentioned how much music applications have changed in their lifetime. This immediately struck a chord (haha), as I had involved a musical element with Transpose, too. The connection was there, the progression of this word game clicked!

I illustrated three different timelines: the evolution of musical applications, the evolution of transportation, and the evolution of the telephone. I cut up my sketch book paper into little squares, and inked one product per square in thin black pen. I think this touch of individual square drawings is a nice homage to the square paper Elise sent me for Transpose, too.

I really loved the line drawings as they were, but I felt a touch of colour could add a spark to them. I carefully chose one element within each drawing and coloured it in a solid colour. Each timeline has one colour each from my palette—no repeat colours within the same timeline. As I was colouring them in I wondered if Elise might get confused by the colours—think they were some sort of clue to the word, or a code to crack. They’re not. They’re meant to liven the illustration up a bit, and draw clarity to the object. Especially where the line drawing gets busy, the colour adds some contrast.

I shuffled all the sketches up before putting them in the envelope for Elise, so she won’t obviously see the three timelines in their correct order. Let’s see what she makes of it, and where she takes it!