Yellow-4: DOILIES

The yellow story

Chapter 2: part 2: DOILIES
by Elise Mullen

Daria sent me 4 pieces of artwork and the stencils she used to make them. She couldn’t decide which of the 4 pieces she liked the best, and neither could I… So I finished all 4!

Doilies” was my guess for Daria’s inspiration for the 3rd Yellow piece. Since the last word was tea, and Daria’s 3rd yellow piece had that old lace feeling, my only conclusion was Doilies. But I have a feeling Daria’s word will be something like intricate or delicate, only because we discussed the parameters for the “word”.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 10.05.26 PM

Daria used the negative space between the lace and the doilies with colour I wanted to follow the same theme. Whenever I am trying to find inspiration of what I am going to do with one of these pieces, I go to one my 2 art pinterest boards. For this piece I was inspired by Jen Garrido paintings. She has beautiful floral themed paintings of panel and on paper. Daria used more feminine colours for the 3rd yellow piece so I thought it was fitting to do a floral theme.

-Jen Garrido artwork

Jen Garrido

Doilies Collage

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