Yellow-8: RHYTHM

The yellow story

Chapter 4: part 2: RHYTHM
by Elise Mullen

Daria sent me 8 pictures for her Yellow 7. I went through the pictures, and saw a note that said “Have fun- Daria” and on the back of the same photograph had a sticky note that had a word in quotations. My first instinct was that she accidentally put her “word” on the back so I looked away and hid it immediately.

I did end up forgetting the word because I didn’t go back to it till a couple weeks later. By this time Daria had posted her yellow 7, and I can’t read it, so I had someone else do it, to make sure, that it wasn’t her word on the back.

So I went back into my artroom and looked for the post-it I hid a little while before. I found it and put it with the photograph, I then noticed that most of the pictures had post-its on the back. I already had an idea of how I wanted to approach the pictures, and now with the post-its in mind I had an idea of how I want to complete Yellow 8 and what word I wanted to use!

All the words attached to the photographs had to do with different kinds of music. With keeping Daria’s last word in mind (Patterns) I searched “music patterns” to try and guess what she used for this word. Which lead me to my word for Yellow 8 –RHYTHM.

My process involved finding a song within the genre on the post-it, by googling words like: “popular ballet music”. Once I had found a song for each post-it, it was now time to paint! I would play the popular ballet music while projecting the photograph of “ballet” on a black panel board. I had to paint quickly as I only had the length of the one song per genre to paint each photograph. I overlapped one photograph over the other until I had done all 6 photographs that had a post-it attached.

The video attached is only 30 seconds of each song and I have sped up the video of me painting to fit the 30 second time.

8 yellow from Elise Mullen on Vimeo.

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