Yellow-9: MOVEMENT

The yellow story

ChapterĀ 5: part 1: MOVEMENT
by Elise Mullen

To find my next word I looked up :

Movement or variation characterized by the regular recurrence or alternation of different quantities or conditions, as in the heartbeat.

So My word for Yellow 9 is MOVEMENT.

MOVEMENT piece is inspired by Heather Hansen.


She makes her artwork seem so fluid and peaceful… AND its beautiful….

First of all I had no idea where to get paper that large, and/or how I would ship that to Daria when I found it. When this happens I tend to walk through the mall and see if I can creatively find a substitute. Which I did! I got a plain king size white sheet at walmart.

The set up:

I got dressed in black and got the charcoal and the sheet. I took both cars out of the garage and laid down the sheet. I put a couple pieces of wood on the edge to hold it down and rigged my phone to a piece of wood on the ceiling…. and this is what happened….

yellow 9 from Elise Mullen on Vimeo.

I had no plans on what movements I was going to make for this piece. It was pretty cold that day so I just tried to do it quickly. After finishing the piece I am aware why Heather Hansen uses large pieces of paper, my bed sheet kept moving around and leaving little creases. I also wonder what kind of charcoal she uses, and if it is as hard to remove from her skin as it was mine… Also wearing a racer back tank top was a bad idea… It was hard enough to scrub the charcoal off of me, but to have it on my shoulder blades that I couldn’t reach…hahah.

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