Yellow-3: ORNATE

The yellow story

Chapter 2: part 1: ORNATE
by Daria Lanz


1 Elaborately or highly decorated:
‘an ornate wrought-iron railing’

Like Art Nouveau
Like stained glass windows
Like European architecture
Like China tea cups (get it?)
Like henna tattoos
Like lace.

This whole project is a global game of Chinese Whispers. We send each other art, which inspires us to think of a new word, which inspires new art, which we send to each other. The cycle continues.

So, Elise sent me her unfinished tea piece a couple weeks back, which has inspired my new word: ornate. (Now you get it). But Elise doesn’t know the word I’ve chosen (ornate). She’ll have to decipher it from the unfinished work I send her. (this piece).

And she might decipher it wrong.

That’s the point.
Hence, Chinese Whispers.

I took a new direction with ornate. I created artifacts with no real intention of a finished piece. Instead of sending Elise a half-finished, well-thought-out, carefully-layed-out ‘thing’, I sent her materials to play with as she wishes.

I spent a day wandering surviving Oxford Circus, hunting for lace and fishnets. (I found both). I had this idea of spraying colour through the lace patterns to create ornate-ly textured paper.

It worked. And it was super fun! And I ended up using coloured hair spray instead of paint. Why?


We spend so much time fiddling with our hair and makeup everyday, elaborately decorating our faces, the poetry was just too beautiful to overlook.

And so, I’ve sent Elise 4 sheets of wildly-coloured, laced-patterned textures, and I threw in the lace strands I used too.

Let’s see what she’ll make of it.


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